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News update February 2015

Clean Up Australia – Clean Up the Macleay – Sunday 1 March 2015

SOMR has registered with Clean Up Australia Day to clean up the riverbanks at Sherwood Bridge and Turners Flat Bridge. Since we registered, the rain and consequent raised river levels have washed away most of the rubbish along the banks. However, there is still litter above the water levels and by the roadside leading to the bridges. Whatever we pick up will not be washed into the river and out to sea.

People with canoes are welcome if they want to launch at the bridges and clean up further along the banks.

Please register with us using or phone Arthur on 6567 2010 or simply turn up at 9.00am at Turners Flat Bridge and 11.00am at Sherwood Bridge.

Afterwards, there will be a BBQ at Mooneba.

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