Monthly Archives: March 2014

Another visit to the abandoned Gibsons Open Cut Mine

SOMR members took the trek to Halls Peak once again to check on remediation work carried out by the Derelict Mines Office in response to our alerting the EPA about toxic sludge being inappropriately placed after removal from sediment dams. This was our third visit to the site where we took the opportunity to examine it in more detail.

The photo report explains what we found.

Gibsons March 2014

SOMR meeting with Hillgrove Mines representatives 28 February 2014

The meeting started with the Hillgrove Mines representatives Daniel Calderwood and Peter Hoskings giving an overview of activities since our last meeting in 2013. During the course of their presentation, SOMR members were able to ask a number of questions regarding water management, aspects of the mining process, and expected outcomes.  

The mine will recommence operations in March.

 Hillgrove 28-2-14