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Do you value clean water, air and soil for future generations?

Save Our Macleay River (SOMR) is a community-based organisation seeking to raise awareness of the current and potential future pollution in the Macleay River Catchment from mining operations.

Like many similar rural communities around NSW, our agricultural and environmental resources are under threat from external industrial and political interests.

A significant proportion of our community rely upon the Macleay River as a water supply. In addition, businesses within tourism, primary industries and others are dependent upon the quality of the waterways in our catchment. Indeed, it is the lifeblood of our community.

The environmental impact of mining operations must be given priority, full consideration of environmental risks are paramount when mining applications are made, particularly so when waterways such as the Macleay River are at risk.

In raising awareness about the current and potential pollution of the catchment, SOMR aims to empower the community to become a strong advocate for the water quality of the Macleay River.

Download the SOMR brochure SOMRflyer_2017-08

Download the SOMRflyer_2017-08

If you drink the water, fish, canoe, swim or water your stock or garden, from our river, you need to be informed and active!

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