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Upcoming Events

Paddle on the Macleay 2018

On October 13th, Save Our Macleay River (SOMR) will hold an event to promote awareness of developments and progress of the restoration of Yarrahapinni Wetlands and reduced Acid Sulphate and low dissolved oxygen pollution, as well as create an awareness of Antimony/Arsenic hot spots on the Lower Macleay

Bring your canoe, food and water for an informative, enjoyable day on Saturday October 13th to the Golden Hole 10km south of Stuarts Point by 11.30am.

Paddeling the little known Yarrahapinni Wetlands, participants can witness the restoration from artificial freshwater wetland to its natural salt water one and see the change in vegetation from Swamp-Oak to Mangrove. The re-introduction of tidal salt water has resulted in a massive reduction in Acid Sulphate and low Dissolved Oxygen pollution from the wetlands area and resulted in restoration to a significant fish nursery habitat.

The paddlers will also hear about the proposed Clybucca Wetlands restoration with similar issues, as well as Antimony/Arsenic impacts on the river and ‘hot spots’ in the estuary flood-plain.

The Paddle will go from The Golden Hole launch area, 9km south of Stuarts Point, to the top of the tidal extent of the Yarrahapinni Wetlands National Park and return the same way. The Paddle starts through the ‘Broadwater’, winds up the narrowing Borigalla / Barraganyatti Creek, past the old ‘Scalds’ area and up the old cut drain to the Whalan’s Bridge Area.

  • Paddle is about 5.5km each way, with incoming and outgoing tide, estimate about 1.5 to 2.0 hours each way.
  • Registration Form: Available below (scroll down to end of this post) and on facebook for pre-filling or completion on the day.
  • Registration Fee is $5.00 per person – to cover insurances – payable at registration before launch
  • Paddlers to bring safety equipment of life jacket, hats, sunscreen, insect repellent etc.

Due to inaccessibility

  • Paddlers to also bring: All food, water/drinks, etc as the area is too inaccessible for SOMR to provide same
  • No toilet ‘facilities’ will be available, paddlers need to follow appropriate bush/camping protocols.

Directions to The Golden Hole launch area for the 2018 Paddle

For pdf print version scroll to end of this post

  • Coming north or south on the Pacific Highway (A1) exit at the Stuarts Point Interchange and from the eastern roundabout take the Stuart’s Point exit.
  • Follow the signs to Stuarts Point and at the end of the road though the village, just past the shops, turn right toward Fishermans Reach for approximately 6km on bitumen road to the Boat Ramp area – where the bitumen ends!
  • At this point, there will be SOMR representatives to provide detailed directions. If 4WD drivers’ can; please offer to assist with transfer of those with 2 WDs.

For those with 2WDs or those wishing transport to the Golden Hole – Arrive at Fishermans Reach by 10.30am:

  • Stop here and find a safe parking area, that will not obstruct others or residents.
  • Approach a SOMR representative and ask for transfer to the Golden Hole launch-site.
  • Please ensure you have gathered ALL your ‘necessaries’ for easy loading, as asked by a SOMR representative. (This to include: hat, sunscreen, life jacket, water, food, car keys, $ for registration fee, etc. – And of-course your canoe and paddle!)

For those with 4WDs, directions will include:

  • Continue past some houses on the right and keep going take one of the sand tracks under the powerline for about 3.5km.
  • At the fence-line, take the right-hand track into the Yarrahapinni Wetlands National Park westwards. (Please do not leave this track. – To protect the highly significant ‘middens’ in this area.)
  • Continue along this track until you reach ‘The Golden Hole’ and please park as directed, for assembly prior to launch.

Click for print version of indemnity/registration form with info summary Paddle 2018 Registration/Indemnity and DirectionsMap2018

Paddle the Clybucca Wetlands

Save Our Macleay River Inc. invite you to Paddle the Clybucca Wetlands on Saturday 27th May 2018, sponsored by North Coast Local Land Services.

Registration commences at 9:30 am at the Clybucca floodgates – see map below.
There is no registration fee and lunch will be provided.  Bring Your Own Craft and Personal Flotation Device.

This event will showcase the environmental issues associated with the drainage of the Collombatti – Clybucca Wetlands.  Guest speakers will include Max Osborne, from Local Land Services and Russell Yerbury, a former beef producer from Clybucca.

The field day will begin at the Clybucca floodgates, participants will explore the Clybucca Creek waterway to get an appreciation of the scale of the issues.  The community will learn about what North Coast Local Land Services are doing about trying to improve the fish habitat.

North Coast Local Land Services are leading the development of a remediation strategy to address the causes of poor water quality emanating from Clybucca backswamp (which includes Mayes and Doughboy Swamps) into the Clybucca Creek section of the Macleay Estuary.
Funding for this project is provided from the DPI Fisheries “Flagship Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Grant” program. The University of New South Wales – Water Research Laboratory has been contracted to prepare the remediation strategy.

This event will not replace the annual “Paddle on the Macleay” which will be organised by SOMR in September.